Park Information


Fishburn Reserve is a 25 acre park consisting of over 2,000 feet of riparian corridor covering both banks of the Kokosing River. The park, established in 2007 from lands donated by Jack Fishburn.  This gift provided the Park District with its matching share of the necessary funds to apply and eventually receive a large Clean Ohio Grant.  This match was utilized to purchase an additional 68 acres of nearby wetlands now call Gleason Nature Preserve.

Fishburn Reserve is blessed with large native trees represented by maples, sycamore, buckeye and hickory crowding the banks of the headwaters of the majestic Kokosing River!  The seemly tangle of under story shrubs and wildflowers actually indicates a rather long protected ecosystem not fond in many areas.  Many species of both migrant and resident birds require such habitats and are frequently observed.  The park contains vehicular parking area and partially developed trail system open for public use.


Located:  3791 County Road 172.

 South of State Route 95, off east side of County Road 172.

(behind Wendy's)

Chester Township