Park Information


Cedar Fork Park was the first location the Morrow County Park District acquired, in 2001.  The district was the grateful benefactor of this 22 acre gift from William and Kathleen Hurdle.

The park encompasses both banks of Cedar Fork Creek thus providing significant protection to a long section of riparian corridor. Towering mottled white barked sycamore trees are clearly visible from great distances and provide shade and cooling effect to the normally clear clean waters. The riparian corridor is relatively   undisturbed with dense stands of various shrubs, trees and wildflowers.

Two short trails leading to overlooks provide visitors with a glimpse of what the entire Cedar Fork Creek must have looked like prior to human settlement. Both are   great places to spend a few moments meditating or just relaxing.

Since the creek offers a major obstacle for entry, future plans are to seek private donors and grants to construct a pedestrian bridge to access the largest portion of the park. Rules against littering, walking off trail, camping and destruction are being strictly enforced.



 Location: 7612 County Road 29

 approximately one mile East of  Johnsville on State Route 42. Vehicle access is ¼ mile  South on Co Rd 29 

Perry Township,