Morrow County Park District was formed in 1996. It is funded by many sources including private donations, state and federal funding.   The Park is currently managed by five volunteer commissioners who are responsible for acquisition, planning, public relations and maintenance.  The Park District strives to provide natural areas and green spaces for the general public to enjoy.


Our Mission

To acquire and maintain diverse natural habitats distributed across Morrow County, Ohio. The Park District strives to preserve and create a diversity of ecosystems and recreational opportunities that are compatible with and promote conservation o these resources.


 The logo for the park district is an artist's collage of various natural features that could be encountered while visiting the park system.  It depicts towering hardwood and evergeen trees stretching to reach a cloud as it floats by.  A rich and vibrant under story of plant life stretches to the horizon.  A clear, bubbling stream tumbles its way to the sea.