Support Your Park System

Donate Land

Donating land for conservation is one of the finest legacies a person can leave to future generations. Once acquired, such tracts will be held in perpetuity for the enjoyment of present and future citizens of the county. The park district was created for the purpose of giving its citizens the opportunity to experience a peaceful and tranquil time outdoors.  As Morrow County continues to experience accelerating urban sprawl, assembling a county park system is particularly important to preserve adequate public open green space.

The park board seeks land utilizing various methods. The two principle means of acquiring land are private donations and government sponsored grants. Many times even a partial dedicated gift from a gracious donor can be used to leverage a very large grant. Land or monetary gifts have been received from private individuals, public trusts, conservation organizations, civic groups, corporations and state and federal agencies.

Donate Time, Money or Supplies

The Morrow County Park District would greatly appreciate your donation of your time, money or stuff.  The park district builds trails, installs signage and provides general maintenance for the natural areas it oversees. Financial assistance for the purchase of materials and rental of equipment is always needed.

A very important source of contribution to the park system has been the donation of actual supplies (lumbar and other building supplies), signs or cash.  Any and all of these can be designated to a specific project or individual park.

Charitable Contributions/Tax Benefits

All contributions are fully classified as Charitable Donations under federal and state tax laws and thus can provide significant tax reduction benefits.  Please contact any of the Park Commissioners if you are considering sharing your resources with the County Park District.